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Instantly improve your cash flow

“Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and our facilities unlock up to 90% of the value of your unpaid invoices the moment they are raised.”Geneva Capital

Helping SMEs overcome cashflow challenges

“We specialise in offering a range of innovative and practical finance solutions specifically designed for a wide range of different industries and situations.”

Geneva Capital

We appreciate that your business is unique

“You have close relationships with your clients and you have challenges that are specific to your business & industry. We understand this, treating each of our clients on an independent basis.”

Geneva Capital

90% of our customers are referrals.

We offer an alternative approach to traditional finance that responds to your changing needs by growing in line with your business. Whether you need to manage your cash flow, grow your business or facilitate a strategic event such as a merger or management buy-out, don’t let lack of finance hold you back.

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We’re about helping business’ & their teams. The clients we worked with last month employ over 15,000 people in New Zealand

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Take it or Leave it !!

*As mentioned extreme short positioning continues to fuel the Kiwi -shorts reducing but this is all about squaring up post RBNZ -there crazy idea we might cut rates is the reason for the NZD$ volatility -currently sitting on resistance ard 0.6820/30 *NZDAUD swings...

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Sharp market intelligence by Phillip Lindberg

Philip Lindberg is the Foreign Exchange manager at  OM Financial,  a New Zealand owned and operated brokerage firm, with a strong and established reputation in the financial markets.  Sign-up at Here’s a taste: Decent Equity swings Friday night...

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The Great Unwind !!

*Kiwi well bid as the great unwind continues. -mkt DEFINITELY trying to square shorts as MPS refocuses rate hikes -NZ TWI now 3.6% above what was forecast in the Nov M/Policy Statement -one way to reduce inflation, which is creeping higher, is a stronger ccy !!...

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