Geneva has now been providing receivables factoring services for our company since July 2018 and we could not be happier. Understanding that we are a relatively small food and beverage producer, albeit we have customers throughout New Zealand and a few overseas, your service has given us the benefit of collecting our receivables at a cost and with an efficiency that we certainly could not compete with in-house.

Not only are your services at a reasonable cost, but the cash flow effect of being able to receive the lion’s share of every invoice upon issue with the balance during normal customer payment terms has kept our cash flow current and predictable.  This has been especially important during our seasonal sales cycles, and critical during the recent Covid-19 shut down that has stretched everyone’s resources to the limit. You have stayed with us and as a result we are back on track without skipping a beat.

As we emerge from this latest challenge, we expect your continuing receivable and cashflow support to make a significant contribution to the planned expansion of our national and export model.  Let’s make our mark together in bringing back the New Zealand economy from this latest Covid-19 challenge!

As a company director and client I whole heartedly compliment you and the Geneva team for your excellent service and dedication during the good times and the challenging times, and would highly recommend your company to anyone you send my way.

Best Regards,