When the cash runs low so does your ability to bring in or buy stock.

When you grow your business your cash disappears quickly and you need access to more. Potentially you need more storage space or a fitout to maximise storage space or a system to maximise the movement and monitoring of stock.

Your lack of cash becomes critical if you import your product and have to buy large quantities, pay a large deposit upfront and wait 8 weeks whilst it is on the water.

At Geneva Capital we understand your business. By using our confidential invoice finance facility we can speed up your cashflow to enable your business to trade and grow, grow profitably.

Our facility releases up to 80% of your invoices within 24 hours of you issuing your invoice to your client. This means you have the cash you need to:

  • Lease that extra space
  • Buy in more quantity for discount
  • Pay the supplier faster to facilitate faster import
  • Pay your tax commitments
  • Look at your systems
  • Invest in your business

At Geneva Capital we offer a working capital facility, it is tailored to your business and flexes with you. We do not restrict to a limit and ask you to reapply when you need more. Best of all our products are confidential so you can fund your business with ease and privacy. If you’d like to see how Geneva can help you grow profitably – call us now or contact us here