With the onset of digital marketing you’d be forgiven if you think that old fashioned print was a dying industry.

Our client was actually expanding their offering and increasing sales. They had come up with a cloud-based ordering and design system – making it easy for smaller businesses to arrange the essentials. Business cards, leaflets, small booklets, flags could all be designed and ordered online, saving the business money and increasing sales for our client.

What our client didn’t expect was the uptake surge in orders.

The needed cash fast, they needed a flexible facility that could grow as fast as they were because they were already growing beyond their original forecast. A forecast their Bank already didn’t believe in.

Geneva Capital could not only offer them a flexible facility – up to 80% of generated business invoices fast but would also maintain that facility as they grew rather than imposing a hard limit on borrowing. With Geneva’s cloud-based system the client could see and access their facility 24/7 and they could upload ledger changes and see this in real time. This gave our client a much-needed visibility over their customer ledger.

Couple this with their own assigned manager at Geneva and ongoing support and we turned that $500k ledger into over $300k cash immediately.

What could your business do with that kind of cash flow support?