Working on big civil contracts can take a lot of resource; especially if that contract has staggered or progress payments before completion.

How do you pay your wages on time?

How do you pay your taxes on time?

How do you resource and pay for the materials to actually complete the job BEFORE you see any payment?

With Geneva Capital you can release up to 80% of your invoice value the day you issue it. This releases the funds you ned to get your cash flowing and keep that contract resourced. This lets you finish on time with no penalties.

What if you are subject to payment claims? Retentions?

Not a problem, Geneva Capital understand the industry and when we say we tailor solutions – we mean it. We will work with you to learn how your business runs, the model you adopt, the way your cash flow works ad is needed to work, how you invoice or claim and we will flex out product to fit around your business.

No need to turn away new opportunities – just let us know and we are more than happy to come and discuss your needs.

At Geneva Capital we offer a working capital facility, it is tailored to your business and flexes with you. We do not restrict to a limit and ask you to reapply when you need more. Best of all our products are confidential so you can fund your business with ease and privacy. If you’d like to see how Geneva can help you grow profitably – call us now or contact us here.